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Writer • Director • Editor • Producer

Rhett Bradbury is a New York based, self-taught, “outsider” filmmaker. FIREBRAND represents his debut narrative film project. Rhett’s debut documentary short film, SHINE (2018, 11 min) – the life story of a 76 year old Italian American immigrant and shoe cobbler, in his own words – was selected for 13 film festivals on two continents, and won ‘Best Documentary Short’ at the Astoria NY Film Festival in 2019. This work was also directed, edited, and produced by Rhett. Rhett is always investigating to discover bold and candid moments, while embracing the wondrous and absurd, striving to appeal to a deeper sensibility within the audience. Rhett is currently developing the feature-length version of Firebrand, as well as a number of other feature projects.


Lead Actor • Producer

Jeremy Dash is a New York-based, Meisner trained actor and producer who has starred in over a dozen television shows and features. These include the recent acclaimed Netflix film MONSTER, directed by Anthony Mandler, starring Jennifer Hudson and Jeffery Wright, which premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, and Warner Bros’ COP OUT, directed by Kevin Smith, where he worked alongside Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. Jeremy also had a multi-episode arc on the hit STARS series, POWER in which he played an antagonist to the series lead, Joseph Sikora. In addition, he starred in and produced the thriller short film THE DARK AGE, which was picked up and distributed by Alarm Pictures as part of an anthology film available to buy on Amazon, Apple TV, Google Play, and cable VOD. Jeremy is currently producing his own slate of film projects. 


Director of Photography • Producer

Jonah Schwartz is a New York based director, cinematographer and photographer. As a music video director, Jonah has collaborated with artists such as The Black Keys, A$AP Mob, Method Man, Freddie Gibbs, Jim Jones and countless others; and his music videos have earned over 100 million views on YouTube. Jonah speaks fluent Japanese and spent 6 years living in Japan where he made a name for himself shooting with the country’s top hip-hop artists. In 2009, Jonah directed the documentary WELCOME TO BLAKROC about The Black Keys collaboration with various hip-hop legends. He was the cinematographer for the 2015 indie feature film, HONOR UP, directed by Damon Dash. Most recently Jonah directed the short film, THE DARK AGE, which was picked up for distribution and is currently available on streaming platforms worldwide. As a photographer, his work has been published in Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, Billboard, The Source, Ollie and Woofin Magazine in Japan. Jonah currently works as a cinematographer for various commercial and documentary productions.


Actor • Production Assistant

Ryan is a New York based newcomer to the entertainment industry. Inspired by the idea of delivering impactful stories through film, he studied Production and Digital Media at Iona College. Ryan worked on a variety of video projects there, including fictional commercials and a documentary on the Armenian Genocide. Pursuing his passion for fictional entertainment, FIREBRAND marks Ryan’s first official film project. Working as the film’s production assistant, as well as the body double for The Stranger, he hopes this is just the beginning of things to come.


Actor • Set Photographer • Law Enforcement Advisor

Jeff is a New York based, self-taught actor and film set photographer, as well as a law enforcement and weapons technical advisor. Jeff has worked on-camera, being featured in a music video, as well as behind the camera on the acclaimed sci-fi thriller short film THE DARK AGE – both by director Jonah Schwartz. Additionally, Jeff has 15 years experience in professional law enforcement with over half of those serving as a SWAT team member. FIREBRAND brings Jeff on-camera for the first time alongside industry veteran, and longtime friend, Jeremy Dash.



Lisa's biggest passion has always been singing. She started her creative career off as a vocalist and has performed in many legendary locations in NYC such as CBGB's, The Bitter End and The Knitting factory. During her singing career she also captured the attention of Amy Arbus, a well-known photographer who was shooting a series for Marina Rinaldi’s clothing line which was featured at Milan Fashion Week 2015. In addition to modeling, Lisa also appeared in ads for The Oxygen Network, which graced the subways and billboards of NYC. Today, knowing her creative talent, Lisa’s significant other, Jeremy Dash knew she would be a great addition to FIREBRAND.



ROZKOL is an industrial music artist based out of northern Virginia. He has released 13 albums since his start in 2016. He cites his primary musical influences as Trent Reznor, David Bowie, Tom Waits, Philip Glass, and DEVO, and describes his musical style as "sardonic noise." He hopes that through creating and sharing his music (released under a "pay what you can" price model and with a creative commons license) that he can help fellow artists and listeners who also find themselves despondent at the unceasing parade of daily horrors that we face in this modern world. His work features in the film M.O.M. MOTHER OF MONSTERS, the game EVERHOOD, and the podcast THE ADVENTURE ZONE: ETHERSEA.


Post Audio Mixer & Sound Designer/Re-Record Engineer

Justin is a Brooklyn based Post Audio Mixer & Sound Designer working in commercial, television, podcasts, documentary and other formats. With a background in music recording, video editing, and producing, he strives to create high quality audio experiences that enhance and drive the visual content.

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